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Roda Alta Ltd

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Roda Alta literally means wheelie. However, in Veneto, roda alta is also used in a friendly and informal way to express a feeling of joy, great excitement and good life.

What does Roda Alta mean?

The tours start from Treviso airport. However, a different starting point can be arranged for a numerous group (e.g. Venice airport).

Where do the tours start from?

We want to keep the group relatively small to offer the best and most personal experience. The group is made of a maximum of 8 people including the guide.

How big is the group?

The tours are designed to be accessible to as many people as possible. We climb some hills in the Prosecco area, so a minimum level of fitness is required. The ability to be in the saddle for hours is also a bonus. We try to make the group as homogeneous as possible, but the idea of being in a good shape is very personal.

How difficult are the tours?

Bikes are provided. However, we know that some people prefer to cycle with their trusted two-wheeled companion and that is absolutely fine. If you bring your own bike, the price of the tour is reduced accordingly.

Do I need my own bike?

The price of the tour includes the accommodation, breakfast, dinner, wine tasting and bike rental.

What is included in the tour?

The price of the tour does not include: inbound and outbound flights, lunch, drinks or alcohol consumed during the day or in excess of  what is included in the dinner, extra nights spent before the start or after the end of the tour.

What is not included in the tour?

Yes, of course. We know the area well enough and can certainly assist you in finding the perfect accommodation for your budget and preferred location  in case you decide to arrive before the tour starts or stay a little longer.

Could you help with the accommodations should we decide to extend our stay?